Spanish campsite offers children chance of a better future

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Malgrat de Mar, 15 May 2013 – Marc Monguilod i Fornés, director of Camping La Tordera: “As a campsite we are cooperating with others, to create together, chances for a better future of our children”

For five years, the economic crisis has reduced the investment in social welfare policies.

Marc Monguilod i Fornés: “Our campsite decided to act, and therefore we will be donating the entire year, starting on 15 May (International Day of Families), part of the money we earn on bookings made through our website. This money will be donated to the project Casal en Família of the Catalan foundation Fundació IReS. Heavy cut backs on social policy cause less government subsidies to be available, seriously threatening the continuation of this project after September 2013.”

Fundació IReS and the project Casal en Família
For over 44 years Fundació IReS has been providing social, psychological and pedagogical support to poor people who are at risk of social exclusion. With the project Casal en Família the foundation prevents poor families to break up and children to be placed out of home. Their approach distinguishes itself in the way it breaks the patterns of dysfunctional relationships between parent and child, which is done on both an individual as well as on the level of the family as a whole. This way, the foundation hopes to be able to offer families tools by which they eventually can improve their living situation.

A future of uncertainty for our children
The impoverishment of many families causes not only parents but also their children to miss the boat on social integration. A recent study by UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (April 2013) on the well-being of children in rich countries shows the Netherlands has managed to maintain its first position in the ranking. Spain on the other hand, had to trade the fifth position it took in 2009-2010, for a nineteenth place on the list in 2013.

Given the fact it keeps getting more difficult to find funding to continue projects like Casal en Família, Fundació IReS is continuously looking for ways to start partnerships with organizations that want to express their social commitment. Foundation IReS was extremely delighted when Camping La Tordera offered to help them by donating 1 euro of each night booked through their own website. This way Camping La Tordera hopes to get enough money together to also ensure the continuation of the project Casal en Familía later this year. You can make individual donations to the project through the account of the

BBVA: 0182 – 2342 – 15-0201515591 IReS Foundation with reference to Casal en Familia – Camping La Tordera.

Donation 2014: € 1,197

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